Essay about Inequalities And Injustices Of My Community

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Inequalities and Injustices in my community have shaped me into a passionate and empathetic community leader. I was born and raised in East Los Angeles where I witnessed how education inequity played a critical role in the life opportunity and academic success of the youth in my community. I saw how a lack of academic opportunities, mentorship, and resources prevented the youth to reach their full potential. During my first two years at Stevenson Middle School, I began losing friends, classmates, and family members to drugs, alcohol, gang violence, and delinquency. I was afraid, stressed and hurt to see how the street violence in my neighborhood brought pain to community members who had lost their loved ones. These unexpected losses made me questioned whether I would survive another day. I had no counselors and mentors who could help me cope with these emotions, so I sought protection and comfort with the “homies.” I joined a crew and learned the different gangs in my neighborhood. Being surrounded by this group of individuals made me feel understood and a sense of belonging. Nonetheless, this lifestyle came with negative consequences.
When I was 13 years old, I was skipping classes and running away from rival crew members who wanted to physically harm me. My grades were low and I had no motivation to attend school. I was at risk of dropping out of middle school. Fortunately, Mr. Bravo, my eighth grade history teacher, came into my life during this pivotal moment. For the…

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