Persuasive Speech Outline On Homework

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Notes for introduction:
If anyone here is forced to do chores by your parents, chances are, you guys probably also don’t like homework, I mean it is basically the same thing.
Subject: The Ineffectiveness of Homework
Argument: Homework is not effective and it should be limited
Focus (TWO Main Points): Research shows that amount of homework is not related to student success
Schools in Finland, a country with one of the most successful school systems in the world, don’t typically assign much homework.
Thesis Statement: Homework does not work in improving student learning and probably does more harm than good. It should be limited and perhaps even eliminated.
First Main Point/Evidence and source
Clifton B. Parker,
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Rhetorical Devices:
Appeal #1: Logos
Logos is present almost everywhere, I provide research that supports my thesis such as the average number of hours a student spends on homework in certain countries, as well as statistics on what stresses out students the most in the U.S.
Appeal #2: Ethos
The information provided comes from very reputable researchers from very prestigious universities such as Stanford and Penn State. I also tried to argue using common sense and logic, and I tried to avoid questionable information and sources.

Appeal #3: Pathos
Some parts of the speech might make the audience feel sympathetic for the students an example would be when students felt stressed out being given to much homework.
Persuasive Devices:
Device #1: Analogy
In my introduction, I compare doing Homework to doing chores to make a point that homework is like a chore you are forced to do. Device #2: __________________________

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