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Like every other industrial sector in India, the Indian Electrical/Electronics Industry too is slowly emerging from out of its "protective cover". For far too long has Indian Industry remained shackled and consequently inward looking. Over the past fifty years there was no exposure to global players and competition, with the result that the Industry grew up in a sheltered environment, dependent on the Government for everything, from licenses to protection to tariffs. Each one of these interventions was aimed at securing protection for oneself and ensuring growth of one’s own organization at the cost of industry and the nation at
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In this connection, there are few factors governing the growth of electrical and electronics industry:

* Research & development played an important role to the increased productivity and higher-value added electrical and electronics products. * Foreign investments accelerated growth in production and export as well. To expand their business, foreign companies have done huge investment which lead developing countries in establishing production units. * Global industries like Medical, Telecommunications, Industrial & Automotive industries have been cordially supported by electrical & electronics industry. * Increase in income changed living standards of the common mass. As a result, it increased the demand of electronics especially consumer electronics products globally. * Electric & Electrical industry is highly fragmented which comprises of many small and medium size enterprises resulting into a huge industry. * Asia Pacific region is emerging as the most spinning place for the consumer electronics industry, as the markets remain still unbroached. * Innovation has played importantly in this industry. It led to a consistent demand for newer and faster products and applications.

NEED FOR THE STUDY: The company’s in this industry are producing wide range of products such as power & industrial transformers, Ceiling fans, Switches, Home

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