Industrialization Of The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Introduction: The Industrial Revolution occurred first not in America, but in Britain, and in Europe. The effect of industrialization was very strong and spread out many places. This revolution made a change to industrialization of America.
The change of the society in that period of time: Since the industrial revolution occurred in early 18th century, it helped rich people were richer. Also, the society had developed stronger than before. People who lived in rural areas move to cities to make a living. To this change, population of each city was increasing day by day, and so jobs were created more for people. Because the factories were being builded, the worker productivity and output were also increasing so the first class who was the owners is richer. Moreover, there were a lot of factories and companies popped up like mushrooms. Therefore, Most of aspects of society and people seemed changing. However, not everything was changing better, something was changing worse.
The conditions in the early days of industrialization: After the revolution of industrialization began in America, the working was really difficult. As factories were built up more and more, the owners needed workers. Also, the workers needed jobs to cover their life so they stand in a long line to be hired. Because of this, the employers hired them with a very low wage. It was about 8 dollars to 10 dollars for a week. The workers who had more skills will earn a slightly more. The children also would be…

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