Essay on Industrialization Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was primarily just to make fixes to problems that the country had and turned out to work for the most part. Nevertheless in the process of the Industrial Revolution started out producing a lot of problems than trying to fix problems. The Industrial Revolution was wanted to be used as a tool to get rid of all the problems with the country at the time. To sum this all up, the Industrial Revolution seemed like a great idea at first and may have solved many problems, but it made a lot of problems in the process, and that’s why I personally think that the Industrial Revolution had a more negative effect on people when it was first introduced. While some might argue that Industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society because there were more financial opportunities, people had a place to live in (the city), and the growth of more factories, it was actually a negative thing for society. Industrialization’s negative effects were unsafe working conditions, population explosion, and air pollution. The industrialization certainly had positive outcomes, for example it provided for financial opportunities. Since the productions of more factories in the cities, more people came to the city just to get a job in the factory. Everything seems to be positive and a perfect living condition for people, until they found out the outcome of working in the factories. Once the people worked in the factories, they figured out quickly that it was not the…

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