Essay Industrialization Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution began in England from about 1750-1870, and marked an important departure in economic life of the world. “Industrialization refers to a process that transformed agrarian and handicraft-centered economies into economies distinguished by industry and machine manufacture” (Bentley, 2014). Technology and organizational changes transformed manufacturing and led to increased productivity. Animals and humans were replaced by inanimate power such as steam power, and products that were once manufactured by hand became manufactured by machines. Machines could do the work much faster and more precisely, which increased and created a higher standard for quality. Because of the expansion of the market for machine made products, there was a tremendous demand for products as it became cheaper to produce. With the innovation of the Flying Shuttle Loom, Spinning Jenny, Steam Ship, and Cotton Gin throughout the 1700s, the Industrial Revolution had a lasting effect on class structure, urbanization and lifestyle. Britain experienced a huge growth in the cotton industry during the Industrial Revolution. The most important product during the Industrial Revolution was cotton textiles, used for clothes, rugs, and curtains. Demand for cotton was so high that producers had to speed up spinning and weaving to supply their growing markets. In 1733, John Kay invented the “Flying Shuttle.” This invention allowed wider cloth to be weaved and at a faster speed than before. Kay’s…

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