Essay on Industrialization Of The Industrial Revolution

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Over half of the entire world gets their products and the technology they use today from businesses and factories. Many workers all over the world have the task for building and operating those products. This task and ideas started in the 1800s with an evolution called The Industrial revolution. This development in society created a lot of unseen experiences and tools that created countless problems and solutions. While some might argue that Industrialization had primarily negative consequences because of unsafe and unfair placement situations, it was actually a positive thing for society. Industrialization’s positive effects were more available jobs for the people, advanced and new inventions, and more profound way of living. These are only a few of the amount of factors that raised industrialization into what it is today.
One the biggest reason the Industrial Revolution is a great positive influence is because of the amount of jobs it created for farmers who were forced off of their lands towards the end of the Agricultural Revolution. With many new factories and cities expanding and growing larger in capitalism there was a specific need from the owners for workers who could run the machines. Many factories were built in the middle of towns and had many open jobs for the people in need of work to pay for living in the areas. (Document 3).With many farmers having to leave their land through the Enclosure movement many new businesses took the opportunity to use any type of…

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