Industrialization As A Volunteer Movement Essay

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Industrialization, is a starting point for many of the technologies and factories around us today, the beneficial people absorbed from this revolution is indescribable, for example, because of the industrialization workers are more efficient producing goods and products, also industrialization helped many people walked out of the countryside, broaden their own view… For many countries, industrialization is a volunteer movement within the country, but as an exception, China’s industrialization is forced due to the “barbarism” action from Britain, France and many other countries, which recalls from the first Opium War, the event that aroused the industrialization in China, and later on the second Opium war… Due to the pressures from enemies, China has to start industrialization in order to strengthen itself and to protect the people from the opponents. Overall, industrialization is a very hard and a long-term battle not only with other countries but also within China itself. Luckily, China slowly recovered from its failure and walked out of its shadow by the transformation through the self-strengthening movement, the Xinhai revolution and when new China was found in 1949. Even though China is still in the process of industrialization, but due to its transformation, China now is deemed as one of the strongest industrial countries around the world.
During the time of Qing dynasty, the government is afraid that Chinese people’s mind will get influenced by the Western culture, so…

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