Essay about Industrialization : A New World

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When in the fourth while, a new world blooms in the new age, and the old gears begin to fray upon the blankets of a new millennium, then and only then can the parts needed to build upon the old equipment, introduce the new. This new age, spreading across cities to major countries, began an age that started technological innovations that created this world that brought upon today. Those innovations like the steam engine, the battery, the incandescent bulb, and etc. created a sort of nouvelle vague that consisted of the idea of creating an accessible and impregnable factorization of furnishings and stock, that as it were, was a better idealization of how much payment that persisted jobs. In the production of those furnishings and stock, there had been major social, health, and environmental issues that later persisted, and of future acts, later advanced and fixed from matter of contention. While some might argue that industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society because technological advances like: The automobile, the train, the light bulb, airplanes (factories), it was actually a negative thing for society, industrialization’s negative effects were child labor, pollution from ‘factories and trains’, and unsafe equipment for work use. In the industrial age, many laws were enacted as of late, because of the rise and fall of companies taking power from government and state, many laws common place in the modern world, at that time were slowly gaining weight…

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