Industrialisation In Britain Essay

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Why was Britain the First Nation to Industrialise?

The Industrial Revolution took place from the late 18th century onwards in Britain. It was the

fundamental change which allowed society to develop into the modern economic system that is is

today. The change of men to machines meant a middle class was created, and Britain flourished into

a more complex, rich and successful country. It is of much historical debate as to why Britain

industrialised before other countries, with many of them not seeing industrialisation occur until the

latter half of the 19th century. There were many things that made Britain unique to other

countries, inside and outside the Empire, which are considered to be responsible for the rapid

industrial process which took place in this
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This gave

Britain many economic benefits, which propelled the industrial revolution forward faster than other

countries. It has been suggested that high real wages, cheap work and this supply of raw materials

was the vital combination in the British industrial success. The banking industry benefited the most

from the Industrial revolution, with most money being made going straight to London. To

conclude, “other countries were slow to follow suit not because they were stupid, sluggish or

repressed, but because they did not have that combination of expensive labour and inexpensive

energy.”14 Overall, many factories need to be considered as to why Britain industrialised before any

other country.

In conclusion, it was not one factor but a combination which resulted in Britain becoming the first

nation to industrialise. The textile industry, coal and iron advancements, the Empire and Britain

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