Industrial Revolution, Romanticism, And Impressionism

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What change from this unit had the greatest impact on history and why? The Industrial Revolution was a time of change and progress towards a society in which new machines, sciences, and ideas dominated. These advances in history changed millions of lives. Fast travel, communication, mass-production and so much more became a part of this new, high functioning and effective society. This, of course, brought different feelings of inspiration and expression among artists during this time. Responses to these transitions in economic culture formed these three art movements: Romanticism, Realism, and Impressionism. These movements expressed this time period and paved the way for new art forms and directions that art culture takes in the future. Life was extremely different before the Industrial Revolution. The modification of society from farm based profit to factories and machines can have a huge impact on the views of reality. This impact inspired many artists to stray from the normal ways of formal art to something completely new. Before the 19th century, artists were commissioned to make their works for patrons or institutions. This art was usually religious or mythological scenes that instructed the viewer. The Industrial Revolution prompted artists to express new tactics and ways of creating works of art. Many have chosen to …show more content…
During the Industrial Revolution, the transformation of society inspired different genres of art. Without the movements of Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism, we may have never gotten the inspiration or drive to change art into something meaningful and new. These new art forms expressed the thoughts and feelings of the time, was well as changed the face of art during a time where everything was being remodeled. New art forms and concepts took flight and redefined art and the creation of artwork

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