Industrial Revolution And Its Impact On Families Essay

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Family assignment # 1
Industrial Revolution and its impact on families
Industrial Revolution is most recognized as the catapult into a modern society. Manufacturing of goods boosted the economy, and factories and urban society drew families off the farm in search of better economic opportunities. Not much thought went into what this would do to family structure and how it would change roles within the family.
Most families at this time were farm community based, and isolated where the family, children included worked the farm. The family was a unit that depended on each other, and the social and emotional needs were met by each member of the family based on time spent together (Lynch, 2014). When families gave up farm living to converge on urban areas, the family dynamics changed and the traditional dad as the bread winner/ mom the homemaker model was adopted. Fathers went off to work in the factories, often working long hours away from the family, and mothers were left home with the majority of child rearing duties. However, that would not be the norm for long, because there was a shortage of factory workers. Prior to the Industrial Revolution women’s roles were primarily motherhood and helping around the family farm, but that changed when women took jobs in factories to increase the work force that was needed to keep up with the industrial boom.
Not enough workers
The boom of manufacturing resulted in a shortage of workers, so women were given an opportunity to choose…

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