Essay about Industrial Relations and Its Relevance

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Zenith Medical Systems Incorporated
Case Study on Compensation

Deepa Arora
Monique Beauregard
Ashish Chandna
Tumeet Kaus Dhillion
Joel Niederhoffer

Prof. Angela Hould

Due: June 24, 2011

Introduction Zenith Medical Systems Incorporated is a relatively new firm that specializes in manufacturing and distributing information management systems for health care institutions. Zenith is a joint organization comprised of a major computer firm and a supplier of hospital products. Since the health care sector is continually growing and becoming more complex, the need for computer systems to accommodate for these changes increases. Zenith’s objective is to “develop an integrated
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Conversely, if changes to equipment are not made, clients will alternatively seek assistance with another firm. Zenith does in fact illustrate a hybrid corporate strategy because it displays characteristics of a reactor style. This is in part due to its performance and organizational issues. Instead of restructuring and preparing for the worst case scenario, Zenith reacts to difficult situation. As the Installations Department Manager is quoted saying, “just get the basic system up and running as fast as possible; we’ll worry about the fancy details later” (p. 31). Living by the ineffective competitive strategy of beating the competition on price and speed of delivery, quality and care of each product is sacrificed.

Organization Size and Workforce The organization size is an important implication in examining each contextual variable. When changing one variable, another (like size of the organization) must be manipulated as well. For now, Zenith employs 600 workers—most of them being highly skilled and educated workers. As a medium sized firm, Zenith has a relatively high number of knowledge workers. Moreover, the current workforce surrounding Zenith Medical Systems Incorporated appears to have a continual forecast of skilled knowledge workers. Being a very technically driven industry, specialized knowledge is a requirement for all positions.

Technology Today, technology is used

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