Industrial Property And Intellectual Property Essay

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The following recommendation is aimed to guide Jasper, Summer and Dak (also known as The Trio) with their creative work. The recommendation is structured to aid The Trio to be in the best possible position regarding their work, with the protection of their intellectual property and expression of ideas to be held as a priority.

Creative Idea

The Trio has equally contributed to creating a new television program called “---”. The main idea of this television series is where university students from various campuses compete in various activities to raise money for charity. There will be audience involvement which include voting and challenges/ideas given by watchers.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is subdivided into two categories: Industrial property and copyright (Towse, 2006). Intellectual property rights cares for the interest of its creator by offering them property rights over their creative piece (WIPO).

Industrial Property
Industrial property applies to creative work such as patents, designs and trademarks (Bainbridge, 2006). The protection of certain signs is used to encourage and assure equal competition. Different types of industrial property are guarded mainly to continue procreation, innovation and the production of technology (WTO, ?).

Copyright is a sole and transferable legal right, granted to the artist for a certain number of years to distribute, make copies, broadcast, or produce a public performance…

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