Industrial Farming: The Causes And Impact Of Industrial Agriculture

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Have you ever wondered how industrial agriculture started? What caused the agriculture industry to really start growing? Or even what lead it be the way it is today? It started when Cyrus McCormick introduced the first mechanical reaper just six weeks after he conceived the plans, built, and tested one. Industrial agriculture could well be said to date from the time of 1831. Although there may be others that say different, this one is the first recorded. In this industry there are other things that have happened in industrial agriculture to help make it what it is today. One other thing that was invented and helped change industrial agriculture were tractors. In 1892 in Northeast Iowa, John Froelich invented the first successful gasoline-powered …show more content…
The biggest drawback in the industry is factory farming. Factory farming damages land because their operations require vast amounts of land and water to grow grains that feed the animals. Another consequence of factory farming in developing world is that it can destroy traditional farming methods and threaten local animal breeds. With that it will bring more poverty to poor nations. This type of farming could lead to even more widespread environmental degradation and result in less food to feed the world. With having the factory farms, prices of meats may go down but with it damaging land it will end up costing people more in the end. They also will hurt countries that are already struggling and their only profit is traditional farming but the factory farms take that away from them. William J. Weicla says that "In reality factory farms are not agricultural enterprises but industrial conglomerates that shift the costs of pollution to others for the sake of profit." Modern technology has allowed producers to grow large amounts of cheap food to feed the world. The truth is American farmers are growing non-nutritious feed for livestock and processed foods for people. By growing cheap feed it 's degrading the environment. The feed is degrading because it doesn 't give anything back to the soil so it 's just taking from the …show more content…
It provides meat for human and animal consumption. Twenty years from now, if you enter a supermarket you will have a choice between two identical products. One will have a label that says it has been produced with a lower environmental footprint. The other will have a label that is like a smoking label that says animals have suffered or killed to produce this meat. Along with that other statements can be said that people don 't need to eat animals that damage the environment when they can just eat a cheaper meat that 's better for the environment. Cows are fed corn, which was grown with the help of petroleum. In industrial agriculture, petroleum is not only burned to power tractors and other machinery used to process corn, it 's also a key ingredient in fertilizers used for corn. Eating beef is particularly environmentally damaging. Cows are less efficient than chickens or pigs at converting feed into body weight, so they can consume more than other livestock. That shows that cows eat more, waste more, and cost more. That hurts the meat industry because why would people want to buy something that costs and wastes

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