Indoor And Outdoor Learning Environment Essay

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Active indoor and outdoor learning takes place when a child makes decisions about what to play with, how to play with toys, and how to interact with others. A good environment for children three to five years, meets the child 's primary needs. Environments should support and encourage children to engage in activities that apply the program 's curriculum. Environments for children should provide multiple sources of stimulation to encourage the development of cognitive, physical, emotional, and social skills. Indoor learning environments should be carefully planned. This space needs to be flexible to meet a child’s curiosity. The indoor learning environment for children three to five years, has to support both basic functions and learning activities. Classrooms, restrooms, kitchens, and eating areas should be close together so that children can develop self-help skills. Outdoor play is as important as indoor play. Obtaining fresh air outdoors on a regular basis helps children stay healthy and active. Playing on playground equipment helps children improve gross motor skills such as running and climbing. Finally, both environments should make parents and guardians feel accepted, engaged, and privileged.
The location, space, security, and maintenance of the child care center is critical to a child’s safety and well being. The property location should ensure there are no environmental contaminants in the land, in the building or the general proximity. A center should have a…

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