Individualized Educational Plan ( Iep ) Meetings And Mexican American Parents : Let 's Talk About It `` Written

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“Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) Meetings and Mexican American Parents: Let 's Talk About It” written by Loretta Salas, highlights some keys disadvantages that Mexican American parents face. In retrospect, I feel that these same dilemmas can be extended to several different foreign-speaking parents. The article highlights several major issues having to do with the American education system. Not only those it focuses on the issued of under-representation of Mexican Americans, but the under-appreciation of foreign language individuals as a whole. Parents with children in the education system who were not familiar with the English language were used as examples to show how these people were poorly treated. Furthermore, the outright disrespect these parents were shown due to their lack of ability to communicate shows that the idealized American is not so exceptional in the way they school people of a foreign community. After reading the setting I knew there was bound to be problems throughout the school. In a community of Hispanic heritage speakers where it is the only language that is dominant in the population, there should be schools that either provides ESL or several teachers who understand and can connect with the native speakers. However, in the article it states that there is only one teacher who speaks Spanish and she is the special education teacher. The article states that 80% of the teachers are Euro-Americans, and does not specify what the other 20%…

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