Individuality And Conformity In Education

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The American public education system may seem like a blessing to the youth put through the system, but one must consider, are the values of the present school system honestly beneficial to its students. The current system of schooling has a two part goal that they with to instill into the children. The first of the two is, of course, to expand the knowledge of an individual attendant, while the second, and most predominant, is to teach the children how to be a part of society and act in the common good of all. Though such an approach to education seems contradictory, it is the approach taken in every aspect of the public educational system. This approach is quite evident in the structure of a school day, especially amongst students of higher-grade levels. Often, the deciders of the structure of daily schooling consider the desire to conform children much more than how to create individualistic learners. The choice to favor conformity over individuality can prove to be beneficial to the student, but current policies often hinder a student’s performance over all. While conformity is an important aspect to consider in the creation of the school day structure, it must be better balanced with the potential released only through individuality. The dominant positive effect to pushing conformity onto children in public schools is the ability to better organize and structure students, as well as prepare them for a rigid system that can …show more content…
Though individuality is important to the growth of public school attendees, it must also be balanced by social pressure. Pure individuality may help students in a classroom, one must be able to cope and conform to social pressure in the years after school. Since I am only in high school, time can only tell if my way of thinking is

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