Individualism Essay

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The Opposite of Collectivism Individualists societies are those in which the interest of the individual prevails over the interest of the group, and in which people are accepted to look after themselves and their imigiate families.


The habit or principle of being independent & self reliant .

“A culture that celebrates individualism & Wealth”


A Social theory favoring freedom of Action for Individual over collective or state control.

:Encouragement has been given to individualism, Free Enterprise, an the pursuit of Profit.


Synonyms of Individuals are Independence, Self Direction, Self Reliance, free thinking, Free though, Orginallity.

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1. Etymology

2. The Individual

3. The Individualism & society

1. Individuation Theories

2. Emotional Self Interest

3. Methodological Individualism

4. Political Individualism

1. Liberalism

2. Anarchism

1. Individualist Anarchism

5. Philosophical individualism

1. Ethical Egoism

2. Extentialism

3. Free Thought

4. Humanism

5. Hedonism

6. Libertinism

7. Objectivism

8. Philosophical Anarchism

9. Subjectivism

1. Solipsism

6. Economic Individualism

1. Liberalism

2. Individual Anarchism & economics

1. Mutualism

3. Libertarian Socialism

4. Left- Libertarianism

5. Right- Libertarianism

7. Individualism as Creative independent Life style

1. Etymology:

In the English language the word individualism “was first introduce, as a pejorative, by the owenites in the late 1830s,Although it is unclear if they were influenced by saint-simonianism or came up with it independity.A more positive use of the term in Britain came to bused with the writing of james alishama smith who was a millenarian and a Christian israliet.Although an early we owe nit socialist, he Eventually collected idea of property ,and found in individualism a “Universilism”that allowed for the development of the “Original Genius”. Without Individualism smith argued, Individual cannot a mass

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