The Value Of Individualism

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Everyone has values. Some are similar to our peers, but they all mean something different to each of us. My values are in my best interest, as they make up who I am to my core. My values influence your actions and beliefs as a person.
Individualism is the basis of my values. Being dependent on someone has its detriments as well as benefits, but so does being independent. Independence allows you to focus on yourself. You learn to depend on yourself and learn about yourself in the process. It built up my own mental strength in a sense and has impacted my personality tremendously. Individualism made me think about myself and has made me metacognitive. It forced me to discover my strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this can lead you to become more
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Developing a set of multiple skills by having a passion can point you in the right direction. I personally am an artist and I can play multiple instruments. I have speaking and leadership skills, so speaking for a living could be fortunate. Studying specific things can help in the long run. I am currently studying how to code, and how to write music. I have also thought about going to college to commission into the military. Certain things may not be for everybody, and that’s just another reason to know your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what to do with your life, especially at the end of your high school years, is of utmost priority. So many kids leave school, both high school and college, still not knowing what they want to. And chances they don’t know what they care about, or even know who themselves are. Self reflection is more important than most think. At the end of it all, all of these things come down to one specific thing. It is the most important value to me. …show more content…
How you spend your time is important. Time is tied and included in everything. Investment into anything will cost you time. It takes time to do things. If you get arrested for specific offenses, you will spend time in a jail or a federal penitentiary. People such as doctors or lawyers, have invested more time in schooling, so they make more money because of the amount of time it took to learn their craft. To learn social skills and to build relationships takes a lot of time as well. Especially romantic ones. To make yourself better, you first have to know yourself, which in turn takes time. For me this is the most important for different reasons. When you’re on your deathbed, you need to think about what you have left. What actually matters. In the end, Materialistic things do not matter. What matters is what legacy you leave behind, but also what memories you have made. The memories you have left are the only things that will matter, and what you did. So many people die with regret. Spending your time is the most impacting out of every value I

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