Individualism And Existentialism

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Existentialism is the primary concern with freedom, or simply the fact of authentic actions that we humans decide on our own. Existentialism is a belief that says we should avoid the crowd (society) and be original with what we do with our lives. Soren Kierkegaard is known for being a precursor to the ideas of existentialism, although he did not use the term existentialism for his ideas. Instead, he proposed the Idea of owns self-authenticity is the meaning of life rather than one’s religion or society. Where among many other philosophers preceding Kierkegaard we can find his work being continued. These philosophers include men like Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre’s, Marcel, Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger, and many others.
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Authenticity, which in existentialism means to be one’s self with in nature. Authenticity and individualism seem to be connected heavily throughout existentialistic views. Although it is only when the term talked about before “the crowd” comes to thought. Freedom comes to light in the sense that we make our own choices by ourselves, not because of our religious god or previous values and beliefs. Within freedom the meaning of responsibility comes up, our freedom gives us our responsibility for our actions. Since I am free and on my own then my freedom correlates directly to my responsibility. All these thoughts coming from existentialism, we can also be conflicted with the theme situatedness. This theme refers to how we react freely with in certain situations. We can’t be free while being unknowledgeable on the situation we are in. If we were every “free” decision would make no sense to our lives. Not only has existentialism been and huge influence on how we live our everyday lives, but it has had many other impacts on things like psychology and the visual arts like expressionism. Sigmund Freud is a psychologists who owes Nietzsche and his work a lot. Without Nietzsche ideas about the nature of humans. Freud wouldn’t have some of the key ideas like the meaning of life in correspondence with others, which caused other psychologist to really misunderstand certain things about human life and interaction. The art of visual representation blew up with existentialistic ideas. Expressionism grew upon the ideas of human nature and living alternative lives that would bring different values to light. Even literature had an effect on existentialism. Nietzsche and Sartre were both novelists, which discussed works of Dostoevsky’s with a lot of

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