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Name: Yau Wai Yin Student ID: 13082341D
Topic: Hong Kong as a tourism hub
The impact of Individual Visit Scheme to Hong Kong
Individual Visit Scheme has being launched for ten years in Hong Kong. This scheme helps boost tourism and brings benefits to Hong Kong economy and society. However, the reality reveals that it also brings some negative impacts to Hong Kong. This paper examines both the arguments for and against Individual Visit Scheme in Hong Kong.
Promoting retail and accommodation development is one of the major positive outcomes of Individual Visit Scheme. The business receipts in retail and accommodation services keep increasing in these few years. For instance, profits in retail and accommodation services have grown
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Thus, it can be observed that Individual Visit Scheme probably attracts numerous luxury brands to construct branches in Hong Kong and this causes landlords requesting higher rents under shortage of shop supply. In consequence, local small and medium enterprises may not be able to afford the high rents and finally forced to end up their businesses. As a result, there is less retail available for local needs.
In addition to the loss of local small and medium enterprises, Individual Visit Scheme results in competition of resources between the locals and the mainland visitors. One of the serious issues is that even though Hong Kong parents travel to numerous remote districts, they are still not able to buy baby milk for their babies due to the occurrence of “parallel traders”, who purchase a considerable amount of products in Hong Kong and then sell in mainland (South China Morning Post, 2013). It leads to inadequate resources for local needs and it may deteriorate their living standard.
There are both advantages and disadvantages to introduce Individual Visit Scheme in Hong Kong. It probably promotes economic prosperity and lowers the unemployment rate. It may even provide more chances for the mainlanders and Hong Kong people to communicate and

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