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STMG191 – 16A | INDIVIDUAL STEPP ANALYSIS | HOYTS Cinema – Cinema Industry |

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Hoyts cinema is one of the world's leading entertainment corporations which operate in the New Zealand and Australian Cinema industry. This industry encompasses organisations that display movies to the public. It includes cinemas, drive-in and outdoor movie theatres and film festival exhibitors. This report is a STEPP analysis of the NZ and Australian Cinema industry.
STEPP Analysis
Socio-cultural factors:
Holidays- When there are school or public holidays, the total revenue to the movie theatre industry will increase as more of
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Home entertainment improvements - Movie theatres are facing competition from technological advances in home entertainment. For example, the development of ultra high definition TVs with 84-Inch screens, 3D TVs, and wireless surround-sound speaker setups has improved the quality of the in-home experience in terms of picture and sound quality. This encourages consumers to watch movies from the comfort of their own home rather than travel to a movie theatre therefore decreasing their revenues. (Sawers, 2014)
Availability of Online substitutes - Movie theatre attendance have been affected significantly as the availability of movies on demand through websites increases. Applications such as Netflix, Neon and Lightbox offer movies which you can watch from any location in the world and therefore are more convenient to consumers than going to a movie theatre. Online streaming has also made the availability of movies increase in the last few years.

Economic factors:
Recession – In a recession, the population has less disposable income. When consumers have less disposable income, they spend less on income elastic goods such as entertainment; therefore more customers will not attend a cinema, therefore decreasing their revenues.
Unemployment- The decrease in unemployment will result in extra disposable income. When there is extra disposable income, consumers spend more on income elastic goods

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