Individual Learning Project 1 Essay

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Individual Learning Project 1
Deon Flatt
Business 601
April 5, 2014
Liberty University
Linda Leatherbury

Brief Description Work-study Enterprise (WSE), founded in 1994 in Matteson, Illinois offers childcare and early childhood education. WSE believes in developing the whole child and strives to show God’s love to all entering its doors. WSE enrollment is open to kid’s age 2 through 15 and offers a safe and positive environment for all. In addition, the organization offers before and after school programs, to include summer camps. A for-profit organization, WSE seeks to keep enrollment high in order to make child care cost affordable for all in the Chicago land area (Mitchell & Mitchell,
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Greater efficiency and effectiveness can result in satisfied clients and more business. Raising GPAs and/or letter grades in tutorial services are very important. If a student is failing in a subject or is having a hard time comprehending the way his or teacher instructs, parents generally seek tutorial services. If WSE are able to help students by raising their GPA or letter grade, clients will want to continue with their services. This is why the choice to raise a letter grade in less than 6 weeks is a critical success factor.
Learning and Growth The fourth CSF is learning and growth. Learning and growth is important because it can help develop and utilize human resources and strategic goals (Blocher, 2010, p.11). By increasing the learning of the tutors, not only do the tutors become better and more efficient in their services, the parents/students become more satisfied. The addition of a tutorial training program will help with the growth of the tutors and the enterprise (Cherryl Mitchell, Work-study Enterprise, April 4, 2014). Tutoring has become an increasingly effective tool for academic support in the last 25 to 30 years (Holliday, 2012, p.21). This is why many universities and colleges offer tutorial services, however, outcomes may vary depending on the tutor to student interaction.
Evaluation of Work-study Enterprise Inc.
Reducing the

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