Individual Leadership Self-Assessment Project Essay examples

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Reframing My Leadership Performance
Dr. Kenneth Allard’s Conceptual Foundations of Management course has improved my performance as a manager and future as a leader. I have learned the distinction between managers and leaders and what skills are required to fulfill each position. As a result of this course, I have made plans to continue my development as both a great manager and leader.
The lectures and assignments in this course have already affected my management performance; these improvements have built a foundation for me to continue my development as a successful manager and leader. Richard T. Pascale, Mark Millemann, and Linda Gioja ‘s Surfing the Edge of Chaos changed the way I manage people and processes at my current job.
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I led my management team to alter our hierarchical structure and personnel policies to facilitate the expansion and enhance the team’s motivation, respectively. Investing in training for our lower level staff has empowered employees to perform more tasks and work with more independence. Since this requires more responsibility from the employees, some have reacted negatively to the change; we have consequently modified personnel policies to allow more flexibility in scheduling, which not only augments the team’s motivation and commitment, but reinforces the expectation for these employees to become more independent. The Harvard Business Journal’s “Leading Change” has also been very influential in this change initiative. I plan to implement all actions cited in the article, and have already actuated those that apply to the stages that have already taken place. Because I was able to clearly communicate and cite the business theories and concepts that drove my decisions in this initiative, I have recently been asked to compose a written business plan about a new branch of consulting services my company would like to offer. Now that I have explained each framework to the other managers at Key Insulation, I intend to describe the application of multiple frames to complex company projects. This will empower other managers at Key to examine business situations using some of the tools I have gained from Dr. Allard’s course. I am looking forward to

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