Symbolism In Anyone Live In A Pretty How Town

How do we determine if love changes someone or not? In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and in “anyone live in a pretty how town” by E.E. Cummings, the authors use motifs, imagery, and symbolism to show how love can shape an individual change. Throughout the novel Gatsby has changed for Daisy because he is in love with her and in the poem the speaker anyone changed because noone showed him love .

In the novel, Fitzgerald uses symbolism to represent a deeper meaning. Some examples of symbolism Fitzgerald uses are the green light, Gatsby’s parties, and East and West Egg. For instance, the green light that appears at the end of Tom 's dock in chapter two symbolizes the longing Gatsby has for Daisy. In chapter five on, Nick reveals
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In his poem the women and men show how they were so worried about their everyday daily life that they eventually died before living. This is especially evident when the speaker says, “Women and men (both dong and ding) / summer autumn winter spring / reaped their sowing and went their came / sun moon stars rain” (33-36). Since Anyone and noone were dedicated to each other and not materialistic like Daisy was, they were able to live life differently than the other people in the town which was to feel love and …show more content…
Nick explains what he sees when he says”The lights grew brighter as the earth lurches away from the sun, the orchestra is playing yellow cocktail music , and the opera of voices pitches a key higher” (40; Ch. 3). This shows that he was trying to make it obvious that he was throwing a party so that people who know Daisy would tell her how great the parties are or she would see for herself. The music was playing higher so that you could hear it from a distance away like across the bay where Daisy is living. At Gatsby 's’ house tour he tries his very hardest to impress Daisy. For example, when Nick says “We went upstairs, through period bedrooms swathed in rose and lavender silk and vivid with new flowers, through dressing-rooms and poolrooms” (91; cha. 5). This helps the reader conclude that he is showing her all of this to prove that she could have this lifestyle if she were to be with him. The night before Daisy wedding Jordan explains what happened that night to Nick. In chapter five, page 74, Jordan says “ in her flowered dress- and drunk as a monkey. She had a bottle of Sauterne in one hand and a letter in the other”. The reader can insinuate that the Daisy was upset over something because she back then she did not drink and was drunk that night.

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