Individual Change In The Great Gatsby

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How do we determine if love changes someone or not? In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and in “anyone live in a pretty how town” by E.E. Cummings, the authors use motifs, imagery, and symbolism to show how love can shape an individual change. Throughout the novel Gatsby has changed for Daisy because he is in love with her and in the poem the speaker anyone changed because noone showed him love .

In the novel, Fitzgerald uses symbolism to represent a deeper meaning. Some examples of symbolism Fitzgerald uses are the green light, Gatsby’s parties, and East and West Egg. For instance, the green light that appears at the end of Tom 's dock in chapter two symbolizes the longing Gatsby has for Daisy. In chapter five on, Nick reveals
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For example, the people who are always drinking alcohol are obsessed with money and always attending parties, especially Gatsby’s. The characters in this book are always drinking no matter where they are. For example, when they are at the Plaza Hotel Daisy states, “If you’re going to make personal remarks I won’t stay here a minute. Call up and order some ice for the mint julep” (127; ch. 6). This shows that Daisy was trying to use alcohol to change the subject from her relationship with Gatsby. The people that drink throughout the book are often trying to numb themselves but for Daisy it is because she is having a self confrontation. whether to stay dedicated to Tom or leave and be happy with Gatsby. This novel takes place in 1922, which is known as the Roaring Twenties years, many people at that time were seeking to find anything that would make them happy, which happened to be Gatsby parties. The people were looking for temporary happiness where they didn’t have to worry about what was actually happening in the real world. Most people in the book want money for different reasons. Gatsby was ambitious to be rich from a very young age, but meeting Daisy solidified this dream as he knew the only way to have her was to be wealthy. This is important because this proves that Gatsby worked hard to get Daisy back when he says “She never loved you, do you hear? he cried. “She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me” (130; Cha. 7). This shows that he only worked hard to get all of this money to impress Daisy so that she will come back to him. In several chapters, Gatsby throws these luxurious parties only hoping that one day that Daisy will show up. Nick says this when he first attends Gatsby’s party “The lights grew brighter as the earth lurches away from

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