Assassination Of Indira Gandhi Case Study

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Chapter : 5
Assassination of Indira Gandhi and Riots against Sikhs

Indira Gandhi ordered Indian Army to storm Golden Temple to flush out Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale and his followers from the temple. Although Operation Blue Star was successful in getting rid of Bhinderanwale but it initiated resentment among the Sikhs against Indira Gandhi. The Times of India published excerpts of an Interview which Mrs. Gandhi gave to BBC reporter on 20th June 1984 with a headline ‘Action against terrorists, not Sikhs, says Prime Minister’. On asking about the question that why Mrs. Gandhi took so long to react, she answered, “We are negotiating with the Akali Dal leadership, as you know, and we are hoping that we would be able to come to some agreement and
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The Times of India (1984) reported, “An International convention of Sikhs has pledged to work without rest or respite for ‘Khalistan’.” Indira Gandhi became target of fanatic Sikhs and followers of Bhinderanwale. On 31st October 1984 she was gunned down by her own Sikh bodyguards. Indira Gandhi’s assassination created more bitterness in Hindu-Sikh unity, after ‘The Operation Blue Star’. The Times of India (1st November 1984) reported, “Nothing could have explained the rot that has set into the security system with sharper focus than the fact that the assassins were none other than the Prime Minister’s own personal bodyguard.” Security personals involved in the PM’s security were kept on changing on rotational basis, so it gave opportunity to the mischievous elements to get into the security of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Sikhs had taken revenge of The Operation Blue Star.
Soon after news of Indira Gandhi’s assassination spread across Delhi, there was total chaos in the national capital. Mobs supported by local congress workers started killing the Sikhs. Sikhs were drawn out of their homes and then murdered mercilessly. They were burnt alive by putting tyers around their necks. Their beard and hair were shaved to disgrace the Sikh religion. Sikh females were raped by the

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