Essay on Indigo Airlines

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Strategic Plan and Focus
To achieve the firm's strategic direction, the firm's objectives, mission, aims, goals and competitive advantage have been created to offer an image and vanguard for the firm's success. In accumulation, to determine the extent of the services and products that are offered by the organisation, and the primary environmental commitment towards nation and the aviation industry, are also important aspects of the company's strategic direction and focus.
Mission Statement
Indigo airlines aims to become the number one leader in the low cost airline industry of India, offering the best service and ensuring highest standards of quality at low cost to the customer.
Goals and Objectives
Non- Financial
Indigo airlines aim
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This scenario helped indigo airlines to invest more in their staff skills and there airline operations team which gave them competitive edge over the competition in the market.
2.4.1 SWOT Analysis
According to the SWOT analysis there are more opportunities and strengths for indigo rather than weaknesses and threats but in order to increase the market share and stabilize the growth it is important to work on the weaknesses first and keep a strong focus on the opportunities.
Good reputation in the market
Skilled staff
High profit margin in 2009 as compared to competitors
Lower cost of the product as compared to the competitors
Relatively new in the market
Lacks in number of flights as compared to the competitors
High Profit Growth
Rapid increase in the market growth
Product development
Technological advancements
Threat of a new entrant
Higher growth rate of the market but increase in the competition
Market fluctuation
2.5. Industry Analysis
The market in India for the aviation industry is a growing market. For years Indian aviation industry was being dominated by air India(Indian Aviation Journal2002)..About 15 years back companies like jet airways, air Sahara, spice jet, kingfisher and a few others came into picture. In 2006 august indigo airlines entered the aviation industry. Mentioned below are the current market statistics.
Total number of domestic flights in India

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