Indigenous Studies : The And Development Of The Indigenous Community And The Preservation Of Complex Cultural Tradition

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Although Aboriginal peoples inhabited in Australia continuously for over forty thousands years, Australian Indigenous Studies or “the study of and about the Indigenous peoples” (Nakata, 2006) is a relatively new discipline in the country’s academy. Since the introduction of the subject considered the first one relating to this matter at tertiary level in 1968 (Bourke and Bourke, 2006, p. 101), Indigenous Studies has entered into mainstream education and has now become “an expansive field of study in inquiry” at higher education (Nakata, 2006). Some argue that as a discipline, it has created more problems for Indigenous Australians today than it has solved. However, research shows that it has contributed to the empowerment and development of the Indigenous community and to the preservation of complex cultural tradition. At the same time, it is facing challenges regarding its relationship with Western knowledge and teaching approaches in the academy. By reviewing its history, its emergence as a discipline and its role within higher educational context, this essay suggests that Indigenous Studies should continue to be promoted at higher education through a clear vision and definition of the discipline’s position within the academy, together with the ongoing development of Indigenous academics community.
Early Aboriginal studies: misrepresentations by colonial settlers
Prior to officially become a discipline, the necessity to form knowledge about Indigenous people and culture…

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