Indigenous Religions And New Age Religions Essay

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A good start for this discussion is the definition of the two terms: indigenous religions and New Age religions. Typically, when a reference is made to indigenous religion it refers to anything that is considered native and is particular to a geographical region. Characteristically it is all-inclusive to the people, the language, and the culture of that region. The term New Age is generally applied to an array of religious or spiritual beliefs and/or practices that were established in the West during the 1970s and 80s. The Green Movement is heavily intertwined with the New Age Movement (NAM) and utilizes many aspects of indigenous religions. There appear a few similarities between New Age believers and indigenous religions. For example, all life is spiritually interconnected. Another common thread is death is not the end and there is only life in different forms. A third commonality is that it focuses on the elements of nature and the relationship mankind has to these elements. The primary focus of many indigenous religions is their connection to the earth and universe creating a sense of kinship and respect. New Age believers are great advocates of being close to nature and living sustainable lifestyles. As with indigenous religions there needs to be harmony with nature and the belief that everyone must act in accordance with the natural laws and respect the sacred ecosystem. The resurgence of interest in indigenous religions lies primarily in the ecological…

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