Indigenous Culture And The Main Stream Australian Culture Essay

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1.a) Please document your feeling on commencement of this unit, and at the conclusion of this unit.
Reflections should include:
· What are your expectations about the unit before starting?
Prior to the commencement of this unit I expect to learn more about Indigenous culture and the hardships they faced due to European settlement. I am hoping to find out how life was like before the European settlement and how the settlement effected not only Indigenous people but also their land. Incompletion of this unit I would like to know if some of aspects of Indigenous culture was taken and blended to the main stream Australian culture we have today. Incompletion of this unit I hope to know more about the stolen generation, the reasons why they were stolen and what was done to compensate the hardships they went through during that difficult era. I am expecting this unit to inform me of current initiatives that support the wellbeing of Indigenous individuals, as they still require a lot of healing
What knowledge do you already have about Aboriginal health and sociology?
The Knowledge that I have about Indigenous health is very limited. What I know is that they have a poor standard of health due to lifestyle choices. A major health issue in the Indigenous community would be diabetes. This is most likely a result from lack of education, and the introduction of sugary foods in which they did not consume in the past. The Majority of knowledge about Aboriginal health would be from my…

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