Indigenous Communities And Organizations Are Adopting Essays

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An increasing amount of indigenous communities and organizations are adopting information technology tools to organize and store their knowledge. The term Indigenous Knowledge Management is used to describe the tools developed at the Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC) in Australia. According to Jane Hunter (2005), the goal of these Indigenous Management tools is to “enable Indigenous communities to capture, control, and share their knowledge within local knowledge bases according to their unique, specific local needs” (p. 109). These tools are an important factor in preserving Indigenous knowledge because without the direct involvement of Indigenous people, outsiders often have difficulty in selecting culturally appropriate methods of documentation.
Mere Roberts (1998) defines Indigenous Knowledge below:
[Indigenous Knowledge is] ...used more or less synonymously with traditional knowledge, or folk-lore, or ethnoscience. It thus encompasses knowledge accumulated by any group of people, not necessarily indigenous, who by virtue of centuries of unbroken residence develop an in-depth understanding of their particular place in their particular world. (p. 59).
Indigenous Knowledge can not be learned in a formal education system, because it belongs to a particular group of people. This knowledge is so specific and special to that group of people that it determines how they make basic decisions regarding “food, security, human, and animal health, education, and…

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