Indigenous Australian History : Stolen Generation Essay

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This essay has two different parts, the chosen event and aspect will be about Indigenous Australian history of Stolen Generation. It will have answers to, What is Stolen Generation? why have Indigenous children been removed from their families? Also by analysing the nature of the effects and impacts of the event in practice of Indigenous Australians. Children from the Indigenous Australian background has been through so much traumatic events, that educators must have an understanding of these historical events and practices by reflecting on the relevance of the Indigenous Australian history. It is important for the educators to understand these events because they have an important role in teaching Indigenous Australian and Non-Indigenous Australian children the Indigenous Aboriginal History.


The Stolen Generation was to describe Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islander people who were removed away from their family. "In 1915, Honourable P. McGarry, member of the Parliament of NSW, objected to the Aborigines Protection Amending Act 1915. This Act enabled the Indigenous Aborigines Protection Board to remove Aboriginal children away from their families without even having to launch that they were in any way of mistreated or harmed". (McIntyre, J. & McKeich, A. 2009) The reason why the Stolen Generation was that in 1890 's, governments, churches and pastoralists were thinking of what to do about the growing Indigenous Australian…

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