Indigenous Australian Cultures Essay

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Indigenous Australian Cultures

The Dreaming

The Dreaming is a time before now, long ago, where spirits that lay dormant under the flat desolate plains of the earth's crust, rose up and took the form of humans and animals. These spirits then roamed the earth performing tasks such as hunting, fighting, building and grazing. Through their roaming and tasks they created and became the current formations, animals, stars, humans and things around us that we see in our world today (Bourke, Bourke & Edwards, 1998). This idea leads the Aboriginals to believe they are tethered to everything in existence.

For the Aboriginal groups to gain a further knowledge on what happened during "The Dreaming" Goddard & Wierzbicka (2015) state the
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As stated earlier, not every Aboriginal Language group share the same kinship systems. For example if we look at the way social groups are made in Western Australia by the Pitjantjatjara people, we see that they use a system called alternate generational levels. Now if we look at Aboriginal group of Gunditjamara in Victoria we can see that they use a moiety system (which means divided in half). There are many more kinship systems of social and other types of delegation in use throughout Australia but this is just a small example (Freyer-Smith, 2008).

The Kinships system used in Aboriginal groups across Australia is basically a law system just like the one the English use. It exists to create order and give direction while maintaining and sustaining the aboriginal way of life, or as put by Freyer-Smith (2008) "the chief mechanism for organising social and economic relationships".

The Kinship systems do not only delegate members into social groups, it also shows how daily survival should be done with respect to the land around them, in other words how their small socio-economic circle works.

Economic Organisation

The socio-economic organisation that is followed by the Aboriginals across Australia was merely a way of survival and built on the idea of hunting, gathering and

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