Indian Horse By Richard Wagamese And The Sad Song By Christina Perri

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Alienation has always been a very common thing throughout history and it is difficult to understand the struggles or feelings that outsiders go through. Christina Perri is known for her emotional songs about love, fear, being human and so on, but Sad Song particularly explains how it feels to be an outsider. Sad Song and Saul from Indian Horse both deal with alienation and they both show how words and actions can make someone feel weak and hopeless. Also, being far away from your loved ones can cause you to feel alone and finally it shows that eventually they start to believe the negative things being said or done to them. The novel, Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese and the Sad Song by Christina Perri both reveal the different struggles and feelings that outsiders are left with. To begin, Saul Indian Horse and Christina Perri reveal that how not belonging causes you to feel weak and to lose hope by letting words and actions affect you. In the Sad Song, Christina Perri sings, “But the finger that you’re pointing/Has knocked me on my knees”, which explains how someone would feel when everyone is always looking at you or treating you strangely just because you are different and that causes you to hit rock bottom. These lyrics relates well with how Saul felt during his games with the white people, the audience would always yell out how Saul is scrawny, small and they would not even call him by his name, they would call him Indian, number thirteen and many other names. Hearing…

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