Indian Automobile Industry Analysis

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Through a team approach, the following environmental scan of entering India’s automobile industry in presented for review and analysis. Geographical, political, sociocultural, economical, technological, and competitive profiles have been viewed and analysis are supported by governmental and empirical resources.
The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed view of the emerging market and expose opportunities which may be faced while entering the market, which will lead to strategic planning processes.
A summary of findings indicate that although India’s economy, population, and topography is diverse, the Indian automobile industry is one of the most competitive within the global landscape (The Economic Times) and currently represents 7.1
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Additionally, regardless that Hinduism is the dominating religion, the practice of Hinduism in itself explains how even the tribal, indigenous sacred practices have survived in unity and not bound by …show more content…
As traditions begin to become diluted, many younger Indians are leaning towards a nuclear family unit and adopting Western Civilization.
Culture intrinsically defines and develops a society and elicits a global perspective. Institutions such as the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (n.d.) propagate the aesthetics of India through an educational commitment. It is this author’s opinion that the idea of tangible and intangible beauty provides a well-rounded look into an emerging culture that was once oppressed and is
Indian culture is aesthetically emotional, from the vibrant colors of the saris and dupatta scarfs, celebrating life and good, to the rhythmic motions of Bharatanatyam and Odissi, dramatizing emotional state and story-telling. The use of color and motion embodies the Indian tradition by defining expression and representing tradition so a comprehensive understanding of symbolic meaning is vital.

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