India 's Impact On India Essay

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When Britain annexed and ruled India, they made great changes and created a vast impact. Britain invaded India knowing that India would offer many benefits and that there were many people to take from. When the British ruled, they had very forceful system and used many tactics to make sure they had full control over the Indians, therefor changing the ways the Indian thought. Lastly, the British made many adjustments in India’s culture as well. The British definitely changed the daily lives of many Indians. The British knew that India had a lot of benefits to gain from them, so they came to the decision of taking over India. Firstly, India had the production of jewels including cotton, rubber, and tea; the British couldn’t make machines without rubber, and cotton was also very important for their textiles, therefore, taking over India was an excellent idea. Adding on, India was the 2nd biggest market, they were heavily populated with a density of over 900 people per square mile; this gave Britain a chance to take advantage of many, many people. During their rule, the British encouraged the Indians to grow commercialized crops like indigo, tea, opium, sugarcane, coffee, and cotton rather than food; this caused many famines, resulting in over 10 million deaths; however, it made India the 2nd leading cotton production in the world; good or bad, that was still definitely a great change brought by the British. As you can see, the British didn’t invade India without knowing the…

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