India 's Growth And Growth Essay

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The basis of any emerging market is the current GDP growth and the expected growth it will achieve during the next decade. Countries want to be an emerging market because it is a sign of economic growth and prosperity. This promotes investment and further growth of the country, which can work to fix current national issues. Many emerging markets are littered with corruption, unfair labor standards, and further issues that, if left unchecked, can stop a country from ever having an established market. Through a country 's growth, problems can either be created or solved depending on the steps taken to achieve such growth. At the moment, India is in this position and has the possibility of rivaling China’s growth and becoming the next superpower. Taking the wrong path to achieve this goal could cause more harm than good, and it seems that India is already taking steps down this detrimental path. Looking towards the future, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has set a goal for India to increase its GDP by 8% every year. This increase is a great goal for an emerging nation, and is also an achievable goal. The only problem is that with growing GDP comes growing carbon emissions. “If India were to use the same amount of energy per unit of GDP in 2030 as it does now, then emissions would top 6 billion tonnes by 2030” (Catching Up With China). This would cause India to be one of the leading contributors to greenhouses gasses within the next 15 years. While India is benefiting…

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