India 's Education For The Indian Society Essay

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INTRODUCTION: EDUCATION IN INDIA Education is very important in India, because it allows them to advance to better jobs, create a positive economic impact and have a more relaxed lifestyle. The educational system is designed to help the students learn at a fast pace and improve their communication skills to be able to adapt to any situation
• Education benefits for the Indian citizens.
• Negative consequences of having lower education.
• Education allowing people to help their community.
THE ROLE OF EDUCATION IN THE INDIAN SOCIETY The importance of education has helped India advance in the past few years. In the past, India had private instructors called guru teaching anyone who wished to learn a certain subject. Once the student was accepted by the guru, they stayed with the guru and helped them in all the household chores and other activities, which created a strong bond between the guru and the student. The student was taught everything he wanted to learn, mathematics, physics, scriptures etc. They could stay as long as they wanted and leave once they are confident in what they have learned (Kumar 1). The old system had a simpler form of execution while the new form has a more complex, but beneficial strategy. The current school system in India has four levels, lower primary which is ages six to ten, upper primary which is ages eleven to twelve, high which is ages thirteen to fifteen and higher secondary which includes ages seventeen to eighteen (Kumar 1). The…

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