Essay on India 's Education For Education

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Human beings landed on the moon but still discrimination of girls continues in some parts of India like Orissa and Bihar. India is a rapid developing country but still dowry system and child marriages continues. The main reason for child marriages are parents feel girls as a burden to their families. If they encourage girl’s education they have to give more dowry for their marriages so they don’t encourage girls for education. Indian government coming forward and spending millions dollars for education of girls in India. Last week I read an article that India is spending 70 million dollars to improve the enrollment of girls in schools and to provide better faculty and infrastructure in India. It is good news for the girls who are willing to study because it is a desperate situation for education of girls in these areas. Gender discrimination happening not only in India and many countries are still showing discrimination of girls in schools and working place and it has to be eradicated completely to increase the economic position of the country. I am from India. In our country gender discrimination is very high. In some areas Parents do not encourage for girl’s education because in their opinion investing money on girls for education is waste. After the daughters marriage parents have to give dowry to groom’s family and anyways girls don’t work. They will get married and be housewives so parents don’t show…

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