Essay on India 's Education For Economic Growth

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Education can be complex piece in society to make changes or to recreate another perspective from people, but is education for economic growth or for human development that is a question that many times we ask ourselves while going to school. Growing in a society who indirectly tells citizens that going to school, getting a degree or a higher education will let them to have an economic growth instead of making them realize is for human development contradicts some parts of our constitution. Having a necessity in the United States of getting an economic stability can be challenging if we do not choose the right path in education. On the other hand of the world, India believes in the same ideas that United States has regarding education. India has a big economic growth through foreign investment who do little for education and health in the country. Reading “Education for Democracy” by Martha Nussbaum explains some comparison points about education between United States and India.
India believes and took some parts of our constitution for their own constitution due to the similarities they share with their education. This is one quote that represents how similar India’s constitution is compare to the United States constitution “We the people … Justice … Liberty … Equality of status and of opportunity and to promote among them all” (Austin 62). This also represents how powerful United States is and how other countries around the world try to have the same concept or idealism…

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