India 's Demand For Natural Gas Market Essay

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Country Market Size:
India’s demand for natural gas is forecasted to increase by 6.8%/year and will increase the consumption from 242.66 million cu m/day to 746 million cu m/day in the next 15 years. India does not currently have any pipeline connection to transport natural gas, therefore all gas is currently imported. India’s growing demand for gas makes the country a good candidate for an investment startup with-in the gas market. Current imports come from suppliers in Qatar, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Russia. India has many short term contracts that limit them to the amount of gas they can import and have been looking to expand to other suppliers. Petronet has been exploring possibilities with companies in Algeria, Australia and even Canada. India is looking to expand their market size but due to current policies, technologies, and procedures the are facing some difficulties to become a major player in the natural gas market

South Africa has current plans for building an infrastructure that will import natural gas to make electric turbines readily available to countries that deal with power shortages. Because they have an extremely limited gas infrastructure, this massive project will be ongoing for 30 months. There 's been several cases in the past where businesses struggled to meet power demand and the state owned Eskom Holdings ended up spending an average of 1 billion dollars per month on diesel to run turbines around the clock. Because of this, the…

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