Essay about India the Next Super Power

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All Developed Countries have
A sizeable but manageable population
Are endowed with unity, political cohesion and stability.
Structured their national economic orders which are productive and competitive.
Trained manpower resources and high level of technological capacities.
High levels of defense or possession of nuclear and missile weaponisation 1

Ten years from now, the people of India will be more numerous, better educated, healthier and more prosperous than at any other time in our long history. Having eradicated the scourge of famine that plagued the country for centuries, we still confront the challenging tasks of providing a nutritious diet to all our children, educating our teeming masses, abolishing epidemic diseases
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Youth is the future and when youth gets on the right path and gets united nothing can stop India from being the superpower. Spirituality is the only way to bring Youth on the right path.

India is a country with different cultures and traditions. Each one of it is unique in its own way. Thus, contritbuting to India in the time of need.


In the overview


A Nation’s security does not only depend on the arms it possess. But it depends a lot on the political, economic and social structure. More the economic strength of the country, more will be its influence on other nation and thus, more secure it would be.

India has a wide range of missiles which are various versions of


Range 290 km. which is much more from the missiles possessed by China and USA.

The high speed of the BrahMos likely gives it better target-penetration characteristics than lighter subsonic cruise-missiles such as the Tomahawk.[9] Being twice as heavy and almost four times faster than the Tomahawk, the BrahMos has almost 32 times the initial kinetic energy of a Tomahawk missile


Agni-III is an intermediate-range ballistic missile developed by India as the successor to Agni-II.[4] The

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