India Is An Diverse State From Disintegrating Essay

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Since the independence of India from the British Empire in 1947, many commentators have argued that India is too vast and too diverse to maintain its unity and strength. 59 years later, India is more powerful than ever. Nation states are generally built upon the concept of sameness; a series of shared aspects of culture and daily life that binds them together. Sameness can be demonstration in a variety of forms - culture, language, religion and ideology. India, however, stands in defiance of this. India is an incredibly diverse and culturally rich state. There is arguably more diversity in culture within the Indian borders than there is in any other country in the world. So what is the glue that keeps India together? This essay will argue that democracy and religious tolerance is what prevents this diverse state from disintegrating.

The concept of India as a nation breaks through pre-existing boundaries that have traditionally defined nationhood. The concept of nationalism is traditionally based upon homogeneity – something which India does not demonstrate. The huge variety of official languages in India is enough alone to question its ability to remain united; from Bengali to Tamil and Urdu, each major region has its own language and script that varies slightly from one another. Crane argues that nationalism can also be viewed as “a moment of collective behavior” that becomes overtly important to a given society at a certain point in time (1986, pp.8). Furthermore, Crane…

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