Essay about India Is A Great Country Filled With Rich Culture

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India is a great country filled with rich culture and interesting people. These people might seem strange and their practices taboo to western society, but all in all they are people. They view western society just as strange; the only true difference that separates people is where and how they were raised and the effects that their environment has on their mentality. How we live life and interpret the world is mostly based off of our experiences, so we should not dismiss another culture and negatively generalize their whole people just because they are different. We are all fundamentally the same. In fact, India is progressing faster than any other country in the world. The economy is booming, cities are growing, and people are indulging themselves. Also, science, technology, and education are extremely competitive which is why India has so many great engineers and scientists. However, every growing superpower has its weaknesses and for India, there is a huge gap between the poor and the rich. Sure, people might say it 's normal to have a lower class, but this great disparity between classes affects millions of Indians and makes it almost impossible for them to improve their lives. According to the video, millions live in poverty and many of them are born into a dismal life of hard labor and little hope for the future. Sure, education can take these people very far, but in India, getting into a school of higher education is a stressful, competitive, and an almost hopeless…

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