Indi Indian Business Processing Outsourcing Essay

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Case Overview
Since the late 19 century, as described Mukherjee (2016) Indian Business Processing Offshoring (BPO) industry case study, outsourcing business processes offshore has been the vital strategy in response to business survival of the rapidly internationalised resource environment. In essence, as described by it is the complexity of definitive features for a successful BPO for Multi-National Companies (MNC) and the lack of regulative measure in examination and control of the BPO industry that resulted in a double edge sword; as offshore outsourcing highly value adding business process activities increases potential in relieving operation process capacity, subsequently allowing effective optimisation of existing resources to core operations function (Mehta, Sharma & Mehta 2011) for leaner operations, resulting in competitive cost advantage; whilst offshore outsourcing business processes inherently carries the ethical weight of labour (Cavusgil, Knight, Riesenberger, Rammal & Rose 2015), thus MNC international strategy environment with pure profit focus upon BPO runs the potential corporate social responsibility (CSR) violation as differences in cultural and social-economic understanding causes potential ethical question (ed. Merchant & Verbeke 2012), resulting in requirement of a correct strategy for both BPO and MNC. With all such, the questions remains to the influences of BPO as an international business strategy for the parent company. In this case study report,…

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