Essay on Indi India And The United States

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1. The focal point of this paper is to inform the reader about the country of India. Encompassed in the two pages are two cultural domains about India and how India relates to the United States. The first cultural domain discussed is a brief summary of the history of India in paragraph two. Immediately following the history of India, paragraph three contains the Economics and most prominent resources in India. The fourth paragraph explains India’s relation to the United States.

2. In the 16th century, an Emperor led India known as the Mughal Dynasty for more than 300 years. It was not until the Europeans came around in the 1600s that profitable companies like the East India Trading Company changed how India conducted business. As time progressed towards the end of 1700s, the British took over as India’s economic sole contributor by conquering the Mughal and French armies. In the beginning of the transition, the British employed a more laissez faire approach of tactfulness by illustrating to the Mughal’s they did not intend to overrule their ways of life. Although the adversities of transferring to the Western ways of life by Indian populous were of great proportion, the British ensured cohesiveness by absorbing practices that were already in place by India. The practices the British melded their Western ideas with were of the political and economic realms. However, this type of fairness and equality treatment did not last for long. The British expedited their way…

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