Indi A Social Norm Essay

1337 Words Jul 16th, 2015 null Page
After watching “Woman by Woman” I am extremely shocked; I never really knew how or why India was in such poverty and now it all makes sense. Men and women in India believe it is a social norm for the women and little girls to be segregated and treated like scrap. I couldn’t believe that a little girl whose bones were still growing was performing hard manual labor for her family. It was also outrageous that the families repeatedly had children until they had a boy. India suffers from extreme population growth and contains one-sixth of the world’s population. In about forty years that number could double. In India, patriarchy appears to be a social norm and leads to the mistreatment of women and girls. This is why the families never stop having babies till they finally get a boy. Then the parents are left with not enough food to feed all the children in the family. It kind of made me upset with the fact that this country knows they are in poverty and have a population growth problem and still don’t fix the problem by accepting women and making India gender equal; which would benefit them tremendously. This is why I am glad there are people in India that are seeing what can fix the problem. There is organizations within India that are pushing for gender equality to be a social norm. These organizations goals are to provide the tools needed for family planning and to break the traditions of segregated women and for women and men to not be allowed to work together. In these…

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