Indi A First Generation American Essay

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My parents got divorced when I was 10, my older brother was 13 and my younger brother was 6. I was started spending more time with my someday step family that year although my mom will deny to this day that she didn 't get together with Udayan, my someday stepfather, until a long time after the divorce. Udayan is a first generation American, with both of his parents reigning from superpower that is India. I have never been to India, though if I am meeting someone for the first time and they ask about my Indian family because it was brought up because a picture on facebook or me pronouncing Udayan 's name in front of them they always seem to ask the same questions, how I am Indian, if I have ever been to India before, why I am white and my family is brown, how am I so insensitive when I in cultural clothes or know cultural things because I am white and not Indian, I will always lie and say “yeah, my family is Gudrahi.” It 's a total lie because although my step-grandparents are Indian, I have not been to India, but after about the 100th time of answering my step dad is Indian, no I have not been to India and being called a racist or a phony I just decided it was easier if I said yes to both questions because only then does no one question my Indianness further. Questions about my family and annoy me a tad, because its confusing explaining my family history and web of backgrounds, especially because the first thing people notice about me is my accent, which was picked up…

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