Independent Contract Essay

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At modern business setting employers depend on Independent Contractors or independently employed instead of on employees, since employees are statutorily ensured more than the independent contractors. This itself is a recognizing component between an employee and an independent contractor. In any case, by essentially referencing themselves as an independent contractor is insufficient according to law. In modern times, it ought to be noticed that since the statutes contribute a major assurance technique for employees, the employers have a tendency to keep away from remuneration, protection, representative related duties by simply moving or characterizing employees to independent contractors.
Distinction between independent contractors and employees
The distinction is presented just for the negligible motivation to restrict the employer's risk over the contracted worker. The employer ought to just be obligated if the worker had done an intentional wrong on which it could be controlled by the employer. On the off chance that the employer could control the demonstrations or the conduct of the worker, then he will probably be an employee. This is usually called as the control test. In the event that the worker himself need to control his individual working conditions then he is probably an independent contractor. However, in the event that the company
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Sri Lanka being a state party to the international Labour Organization and United Nations and has ratified a number of International Conventions that help to eliminate sexual harassments from Sri Lankan workplaces some of the conventions are as

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